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Voices in the Waves, a young adult epic fantasy

A sheltered island girl is catapulted into a dark water world fraught with danger when her little sister is snatched by sea beasts. She must face the demons deep in the ocean and in her own psyche to save her beloved sibling.

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The water calls to her. Inviting. Entreating.

But the ocean isn’t safe. It is forbidden.

Seventeen-year-old Anaïs Willow blames herself for her sister’s kidnapping – and so does everyone else. She’s the one who led Melly to the restricted cliffs and into the clutches of the Merbeasts.

When the Merbeasts attack the cliffs and snatch Melly, Anaïs attempts to stop them. She unleashes a dormant power within her, revealing her mysterious ancestry: she is a Halfling – a descendent of a century-old human-Merbeast experiment. Her ancestors were some of many who turned their backs to their oceanic roots and hid amongst humans on the scattered islands of their water-world. Anaïs stands out and she can no longer hide the raging power within her.

Ostracized by her entire village, Anaïs is exiled to a prison island where survival is dependent on the kindness of sea wardens and the temper of the poisonous Teramaids whose bites can mutilate, or even kill. She clings to her only hope of redemption: harnessing her dangerous abilities in order to escape and rescue her sister.

Her perilous journey takes her into the depths of the ocean where civilizations exist in submerged metropolises, to a floating city hidden from society, and into the arms of a warrior with a secret of his own. Cast as a pawn in a brewing war, Anaïs quickly realizes that she must choose to live on land or in water – and in choosing one, she must forever turn her back to the other.

But the biggest threat of all – she must build her defenses against the raging monster within her. If she cannot control who or what she is, she will destroy the fragile bonds she has formed with her captors, and face losing the man she has grown to love.

In her journey, Anaïs discovers that trust is a seed she must sow and nurture, that life’s toughest obstacles foster self-growth, and that love between siblings, children and their elders, a man and a woman, and man and nature, can be and should be unconditional. And the biggest lesson of all – being different makes all the difference in the world.

She is of land. She is of water…a descendent of an illicit experiment.

Her very existence is forbidden…

Voices in the Waves is represented by my agent, Paula Munier of Talcott Notch Literary.

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